Monday, November 07, 2005

Introducty poo

Life support has been large and in charge recently in the news and it seems the larger part of the USA believes in pulling the plug. What do you think ? To help you make your decision I have decided to reasearch statistics of waking up from a vegitative state and the process that occurs if some one is taken off life support, how much it cost to keep some one on life support, and lastly some opnions on life support from everyday people. I believe that you should keep some one on life support untl they die naturally and that playing God is a bad idea.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Terry don't fail me now

Im findin it harder and harder to reasearch life support and opinions on it ad statistics are very hard to find. I'm starting to learn that using the internet as your only reasearch tool is bad because for a topic like mine where im trying to compare an contrast the two sides of life support its hard to find specific opnoins with out magazines and newspapers and the such. I think im going to keep my same reaserch topic but use other sources as well as the internet. I am still reasearching what i was reaserching at the beginning and i hope i can write my project on it because all my other wonder questions were stupid ones like " why can't the braves last in the playoffs" and " how did people decide to milk cows? did they just grab the utterss....." ninety eight ninety nine 100 words!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

hooray for new citations

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Monday, October 31, 2005


For my reasearch paper if i was going to go to a primary reasource i would probably try and find a doctor who specialized in comas and crap.
If that didn't work out i would try to find some one witha family member on life support or a vegitative state or someone who had been on life support and woken up..



To my family, doctors, hospitals, surgeons, medical care providers, and all others concerned with my care:

I, ______________________________, being of sound mind and rational thought, willfully and voluntarily make this declaration to be followed if I become incompetent or incapacitated to the extent that I am unable to communicate my wishes, desires and preferences on my own.

This declaration reflects my firm, informed, and settled commitment to refuse life-sustaining medical care and treatment under the circumstances that are indicated below.

This declaration and the following directions are an expression of my legal right to refuse medical care and treatment. I expect and trust the above-mentioned parties to regard themselves as legally and morally bound to act in accordance with my wishes, desires, and preferences. The above-mentioned parties should therefore be free from any legal liabilities for having followed this declaration and the directions that it contains.

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Ongoing medical care is vital
The person's chances of recovery decrease as time goes by. There is often no way of knowing how long the vegetative state will last, so it is important to keep the person as healthy as possible in the hope they eventually recover. Medical care includes:

* Prevention and treatment of infection.
* Keeping the skin clean and regularly turning the patient to prevent bedsores and subsequent ulceration.
* Physical therapy to help keep the muscles supple.
* Good nutrition, delivered via an intravenous drip.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

reaserch thing

For my research thing i am doing this topic about life support. It started out as one of my many wonderments which was if i was on life support would i want to stay on life support. I had just seen that movie just like eaven which was about this doctor who had always thought that she would have them to take her off but then when he was actually on it she decided she wanted to live. So anyways my topic turned into " What are some statisics about people on life support and what are some opinions from people who have been effected by life support whether they're the dctor the momie or the person on life support."
Life support rocks my socks